We started our trip to Indonesia sailing the Sea Safari from Komodo National Park to Bali. In the Komodo National Park we saw the famous Komodo dragons. After we left the ship we toured Bali and Java and from there went to Borneo's Tanjung Putting National Park to see orangutans (click on the underlined if you want to see the pictures).

The reefs around Komodo National Park in Indonesia are considered some of the best for coral diversity (60+ different genera of coral). During our trip to Indonesia we snorkeled in this unbelievably beautiful environment.


Our home away from home was the Sea Safari on the right.


Following are pictures from snorkeling on six different coral reefs.


 This is a blue sea anemone (heteractis magnifica), over a foot wide. We also saw it in orange and brown.


It comes with its own clown fish.




Spectacular are the large table corals which are sometimes 6 feet in diameter. They are among the most fragile and are easily destroyed by anchors.








There is an unlimited spectrum of colors, shapes and textures.





The pictures on the right and below show examples of the many colorful fishes.





This is a feather star, a filter feeder of plankton.




We found many sea stars like this blue one. They come in other colors like red and blue with gray dots.






Here is another example of table corals.






On the left, there is a soft coral swaying with the current.






The big lump might be a sponge.





Giant clam.



We hope these pictures give some impression of how incredibly beautiful the reefs were. The real colors were even more vivid than the underwater photography was able to capture.