Orangutans in Borneo

After seeing the coral reefs and Komodo dragons (click on the underlined for pictures), we traveled to Tanjung Putting National Park in southwestern Borneo to see orangutans and monkeys. In Camp Leaky, an orangutan research and rehabilitation program has been underway for many years. It's a great place to observe semi-wild orangutans. They live in the forest but are used to humans. One mile away from the research station, there is a feeding platform where food is being offered once a day to otherwise wild-living orangutans.

After a two-hour boat ride from our lodge, we arrived at Camp Leaky and were greeted by two orangutans. Siswi, a female, grabbed and held onto Juergen's camera pack. This photo doesn’t show how determined she was not to let go and it took the guide some time to convince her. (picture was taken by co-traveler Dr. Dave Mittleman).





The hike to the feeding station was on ironwood planks. Occasionally, we observed orangutans observing us.





A young orangutan and a group below.







Orangutans and humans share 98% of their DNA.


This is the big guy, 39 years old. We encountered him on our hike to the feeding station. The ranger lured him away from our walkway with a pineapple.


Pedro is the second largest of the males, in his 20s. After he took what he wanted from the feeding station, he chased Siswi up a tree and down again, and then mated with her (below).






After they finished, they seemed to look with some disgust at the crowd of peeping photographers...


 We saw many proboscis monkey groups while traveling along the river. Especially in the evening, the groups settle down on the trees above the river.






Gibbons are fun to watch with their incredible acrobatics. This one just stole a banana from a pile intended for the orangutans.


 Everywhere we saw long-tailed macaques (this picture was taken at Rinca Island).