15-20 September 2003


We went mountain biking and hiking for the second time in 2003 with Rim Tours. We first hiked into Horseshoe Canyon (not on the map).

We then biked from French Spring to the Maze Overlook, then on to Teapot rock. We ended at Hite on the north-east end of Lake Powell.

We hiked a total of 16 miles and biked 92 miles.





Our trip to the Maze started with a hike into Horseshoe Canyon where one can find amazing Barrier Canyon rock art dating perhaps from as early as 6000 BCE. If you look closely, the background for this page is the same pictograph.





This is the entire group (2 guides, 5 participants [Juergen isn’t in the picture, he took it]) resting on our 25 mile ride to the Maze Overlook camp site that is beyond the butte in the right background. 






Yvonne is blazing down an easy portion of the steep Flint trail.


The campsite at Maze Overlook offers spectacular scenery. This is the view from the portable toilet (groover) set up near the campsite. Wouldn’t you like to have this view from your bathroom at home?



The “hike” into the Maze is steep and requires serious scrambling. Yvonne gets help with foot and hand holds from our guides Mike and Robi. Not all of the 700’ down into the Maze was this tough; but a good bit was.


The effort to scramble into the maze and then hike gets rewarded with spectacular Barrier Canyon rock art called the “Harvest Scene” because the figure at the right seems to be holding rice grass.






The Maze scenery is stunningly spectacular.





A collared lizard who “posed” for lots of pictures.






The formation called “Chocolate Drops” in the evening sun.




Rim Tours spoils you with their outstanding food. In this picture, Robi has fixed his special “frittata” for breakfast. They carry a wide selection of hot sauces which pleases Juergen immensely.



The mountain biking lingo for difficult to impossible terrain is “technical.” The biking trail goes up to the left and is considered only slightly technical. The Maze has pretty technical portions… (fortunately, one can always push the bike if it gets too technical).





The scenery is always beautiful and constantly changing in southern Utah. That is the major reason that southern Utah is one of our favorite places.


Well, we had planned only one mountain biking trip with Rim Tours this year. Right after that first trip (Trail of the Ancients) we signed up for this one. Guess what, we’ve already signed up for another trip (will it only be one?) for next year. The trip we selected is called Grand Canyon’s North Rim and we’re really looking forward to it. With some luck, we’ll have Mike and Robi as our guides again. Want to join us? If you do, you have to bring your own beer. Juergen won’t share.