Biking in Southern Utah


White Rim bike tour 19-22 May 2002

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Below is an overview of our White Rim bike tour (

Our track (recorded with our GPS) is shown in yellow. The altitude versus distance profile is below the map.

We started at the NE of the map and went SW above the Colorado River. Then we biked NW above/along the Green River.

In four days, we biked a total of 78.5 miles and went up a total of 5440 ft.









We started out going down the Shafer trail. The two vertically taken panorama pictures on the left give an impression of the magnificent scenery - and the trail we rode.




Yvonne blasting down Shafer trail...(actually, she went very slowly)

Most of the time we were by ourselves. In four days, we saw perhaps 6 vehicles and a dozen other bikers.




Here we are with a rock formation in the distance that's known as Washer Woman.



The Rim Tour truck followed behind us. The two guides took turns either driving or riding with us. Both guides (Mike Smith and Damon Smith, unrelated) were super. They were excellent guides, very knowledgeable and superb cooks, too.



We always had views up (above). Often we'd go around a corner and have a spectacular view down a canyon (an example at right).



We never got tired of the beautiful scenery. We stopped often to admire the views.




We also did some very nice "canyoneering" in a slot canyon. Because of the water at the bottom, we had to support ourselves with hands and feet on the canyon walls. Our guides were ready to catch us if we slipped..




Our tent at the Potato Bottom camp site. We (one other couple and our two guides) were the only people at the grounds.

The White Rim tour was such a fantastic experience, that we did more biking. After we moved west across Utah to Bryce National Park we biked without guides, using the Park bike maps.


The Losee-Cassidy-Casto Canyon ride in Red Canyon was rated strenuous and it was. We biked for 13 miles, up 1400 ft vertical. The trail was mostly single track and went through many washes like the on the left. We didn't see anyone for some 6 hours and were grateful that the GPS told us exactly were we were (our trail was on the GPS)