White Rim

19 – 22 September 2004










The White Rim was our first mountain biking tour in May 2002. It was so spectacular that we did it again in 2004. For map and height profiles see our previous White Rim tour. Here is our group.









Mike and Yvonne with the Washer Woman formation in the background.




We did our first White Rim trip in 2002 with our own “mountain bikes” which were inexpensive hard tails with front suspension.


For the next three trips with Rim Tours we rented their Santa Cruz full suspension bikes. We fell in love with those bikes and when we found two Santa Cruz Blurs on sale we bought them. In two years, we’ve put 5000 miles on those bikes and really love them. They even have (German!!!) hydraulic disc brakes.






Note our sag (stuff ‘n gear) wagon following with water and snacks.



The scenery varies a lot which is one of the charms of the White Rim tour. Here, it’s an unpaved road and below…







….it’s slick rock.


The wonderful thing about the White Rim is that the scenery is both up and down.










Spectacular formations below the White Rim.








We often leave the bikes behind and hike to interesting sites and outlooks.








Our second night, we camped at Murphy’s Hogback camp. Juergen could not take this shot without putting down his beer…









Next morning, Robi and Mike (from left to right) fixed breakfast. Mike is serving one of Robi’s specialties: frittata.









This is a close-up of the frittata. Rumor has it that one of the female bikers fell in love with Robi’s cooking and decided to marry him.


… It’s not a rumor anymore. We’re invited to their wedding this October (2006)!









We’re back in the slot canyon and Yvonne struggles with Mike’s help to drop down to a lower level.









Here we’re almost down to the Green River. We got a little bit concerned about the clouds in the NW (picture is looking north).







One way to avoid the above clouds is to ignore them. That’s what happened in this picture where the camera is turned toward the north-east.



We got to our campsite (Potato Bottom) and the clouds moved in quickly. Juergen hurriedly chose a nice perfectly smooth and level place and we pitched our tents. No sooner had we finished, when a thunderstorm hit and it rained hard for about an hour. The perfectly smooth and level place that Juergen selected was such because that’s where the water accumulates….


The tents held up and kept us dry even though we had to wade in deep mud. From the tent, we got those beautiful rainbow shots.


Dinner was ready because Mike and Robi had cooked under that tarp while it rained.








Isn’t that spectacular?


It was like that at both ends of the rainbow.




The next and final day started out with a pretty good climb followed by a level but soft-sand stretch. The killer is the final climb of 895’ in less than two miles. Of the entire group, we came in second and third and never got off the bike (you have the option to get into the truck).










After that climb, food and refreshments tasted good.







The bikes are packed on top of the van and we always enjoy seeing their shadows on the street (that’s also the background for this website).




Randy often delivers us to the starting point and picks us up afterwards. He has a broad selection of music he plays on his cassette player. It ranges from classical to rock and country music.


One time (it wasn’t this trip, it was the Maze) he played some country music that cracked everyone up. The song contained the frequently repeated line: “I like my women a little on the trashy side.”