Needles to Moab

3-6 October 2005







We did another wonderful mountain biking tour with Rim Tours which they call Needles to Moab. It starts in the Needles area of Canyonlands and ends in the town of Moab. Our biking track is shown in yellow on the right. We biked a total of 88 miles in four days. After setting up our tent at Camp 1, we biked to the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers.

The river running SE is the Green, the one running SW is the Colorado.



This ride contains a few technical sections. “Technical” in bike lingo means “impossible” for us. On the left, Yvonne is pushing up a stretch that we also walked down. Mike, our biking guide, sheared a 3/8” bolt on one of his bike’s pivot points going down this section. The height profile and part of the track for this day is shown below. The approximate location of the picture on the left is marked by the cross hair.




This is the confluence of the Colorado (right) and the Green (left) rivers. Note the White Rim at the plateau level.










Mike and Yvonne looking at the scenery on the 2nd day. Yvonne finds she’s less concerned with falling off the bike if she wears that “armor”.









One of the many Indian traces left in the area: a grain storage facility.










We had to cross this little stream.









Setting up camp on the 2nd night. The tents are barely visible. This was on a ledge with an incredible view.











View from the camp site at the end of the day.








Our other guide Brian demonstrating multiple uses of rubber gloves. Brian is the husband of Jenna who was one of our guides for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon tour.










Interesting rock formations in Canyonlands.










Mike being totally exhausted from dealing with us….









The two of us with the Colorado River. The white rim in the distance is the area of previous rides.









The Colorado River







View from our Campsite on the last camp. For that day, we didn’t have van support since the road was unsafe for our heavily loaded 4x4 truck. The truck had to go all the way back to Moab and come in from the north (see map above).













That night, we had a just waxing moon. Note the moon craters are visible







Our small group. We were only four plus the two guides. Brian demonstrates orange juggling.



Brian demonstrates bike acrobatics. Note the background is a portion of this picture.


We’re on our way down from crossing the ridge at the left at Hurrah Pass. Next we’ll go up that valley, and then climb the ridge behind over another pass before dropping into Moab.








Another group shot, this time with Juergen.
















It’s a beautiful climb up to the pass.



At the end of the trip, Juergen thinks deep thoughts, surrounded by this beautiful landscape that is so conducive to meditation (note the cap from Pagan Mountaineering in Moab). He yearns for those long gone work meetings where he could watch Power Point presentations on proactive paradigm shift solutions …