Reefs of the Red Sea

Royal Diving Club, Aqaba - 26 and 29 May 2006






The biking tour took us briefly to Aqaba on the Red Sea. We took the opportunity for a hurried excursion 15 mi south to the Royal Diving Club for one snorkeling experience. After the biking trip was over, we returned to Aqaba for two nights, this time staying in the Coral Bay Hotel at the Royal Diving Club and enjoyed a day of snorkeling along the still unspoiled coral reefs.










Snorkeling is great and there are many species of fishes, corals, and sponges.








These blue fishes stayed close to the water surface. The reef is really healthy and full of all kinds of sponges and corals as well as fish.











It felt like swimming in a big aquarium.














Looks like several brains lying around.














The blue fish is a parrot fish. You can hear him chomp on the coral.
















One of the spectacular fishes is the lion fish. We were lucky to see one. The spines are extremely poisonous.








Another shot of the lion fish which is also featured as the background pattern and on the thumbnail leading to this website.











This is a large table coral. They are very fragile.












A very large brain.









Yvonne bought nice Arabic and Berber dresses. She declined to wear the head covering though.






Sunset from our fancy room at the Coral Bay hotel at the Royal Diving Club. After camping in the desert sand this was quite a treat. This hotel was beautiful. Soon it will be huge and awful this area of the Red Sea is brand new to development.