South India,





India is a huge country and we noticed huge differences between the north and the south. The south is more prosperous, cleaner and more relaxed. We spent a few days in Cochin, the capital of the state of Kerala.



Cochin has a long history of tolerance for different religious traditions. The disciple Thomas preached here in 50 CE and started a church.


Jews also moved here in the 1st century CE. The beautiful synagogue on the left was first built in 1568. In 1940 there were 2500 Jews in Kerala but they all migrated to Israel when it was created.



These fellows are getting ready for a Kathakali performance which is a classical form of dance, mime, drama, and music that is 400 years old.




On the left is a happy guy at the market, on the right an unhappy cow. Our Hindu (vegetarian) guide had trouble with this display…




These old Chinese style fishing nets are quite common in the Cochin area. They are lowered into the water and then pulled up with hopefully a catch of fish.







We took a several day house boat tour in the backwaters of Kerala in these very comfortable house boats.










This is a smaller version for just a few people.










Local traffic and activities.



We made frequent stops and looked around.









At one of our stops, Yvonne helped the locals harvest rice.











Above and left some local faces.