North Rim of the Grand Canyon

27 June – 1 July 2004






The tour (organized by Rim Tours) starts at 7600’ and the first campsite is at 8600’. A killer climb if you’re not used to the altitude. After that it’s not too bad. See the height profile below taken by the GPS units mounted on Juergen’s bike. He uses two for redundancy. The one on the right is also a walkie-talkie and displays the location of Yvonne (who has a similar unit) when she calls or gets polled.








We traveled with our friend Gene who also was with us with his wife Betsy on the Trail of the Ancients.


We rented  full suspension Santa Cruz mountain bikes. We liked them so much that we have our own since that trip.











Brief photo stop and rest.


Yvonne finds that by wearing the “armor” she is braver!










The ever changing light and scenery.










Some thunderstorm cells were moving through the area.












Lingering thunderclouds were beautifully illuminated at sunset.











Juergen performing his usual evening meditation.







Our guides (left to right: Robi, Mike, Jenna) with Mike gently telling the group how to behave.









The biking is on nice single-track trails…








…and the view isn’t bad either!

























Sometimes, there are no trails and you just go…