Biking in Bavaria

April 2004






While visiting Juergen’s mother, we spent a few days with Juergen’s high school friend Mick and his wife Sigi at the Chiemsee, the largest lake in Bavaria. We rented bikes and pedaled around the lake. Our GPS track is shown in yellow and the total distance was 32 miles, exactly what we do twice a week in San Diego!







We rented a Smart Car for € 5 per day and drove to the lake some 60 miles away from Munich. It was a perfect spring day and everything was in bloom. The background of this page shows the magnolias in bloom.











If you look past Yvonne to the south, you can see the snow-covered Alps.








The lake is the largest in Bavaria and a major vacation destination.











In the background is the little village where we stopped for lunch.







We had some good German food and both drank a “Radler” (it means ”cyclist”) which always has been popular in Bavaria. It is half beer and half lemonade (bottled that way).  Cyclists drink that to hydrate without getting too much alcohol. Note the GPS on the table.









The Chiemsee has several sizable islands. The largest, Herrenchiemsee has one of Ludwig II fantasy castles (imitating Versailles), the other Frauenchiemsee, visible in this picture, a nunnery.











The bike path goes through woods part of the time.














Back with our Smart Car.








We had lunch with Mick and Sigi at a restaurant overlooking the Chiemsee- after we finished biking around it.









Mick and Sigi took us to Salzburg on the day following the bike ride.




The most famous dish associated with Salzburg is “Salzburger Nockerl.” It’s an egg soufflé with raspberries baked in the oven. Preparation, the right proportion of ingredients, baking temperature and time are super critical. Otherwise the concoction collapses. Few places offer it as it requires a lot of experience. The one on the right turned out perfectly.